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Wonderful day...

Today was really great! MAdeline and i went out for a suuuuuuper long walk in the morning. That i s always really nice and she took a little nap while i was enjoying the winterwonderland ;) After that we had a busy program. First Nancy, then Peter (good session and at the end a smiling christmas finish> pic) and then Melissa. Altough madeline haven't slept that long today, she was really good! Rebecca got today back hone super early so i had been able to go to my gym ealier than i thought too. I had a great workout! (running!!!) After that i made Pfannekuchen for rebecca. ANd they had been really good ;) Since i had one (yeah just one, unbelievable or?!where i used to eat 8 *haha*, but i already had so many cookies today) I think she liked it too! After that again i went to the newburgh mall for helping as a volunteer for the organisation "Big Brothers and Big SIsters" with wrapping gifts! ANd i loved it! I was not that busy though, but i was "fighting" for wrapping as much gifts as possible ;) And i think the other helpers liked that a lot ;) I had a really good time, so i will probably do that again on christmas eve early in the morning... Okay! HAve a good day tomorrow! bye bye *taty* and i don't want to forget that: KISS!!!

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