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New York City - pretty religious ;)

Yesterday was the big day of the St. Lucia Ceremony in the City! (that's a swedish pre-christmas tradition and i was going to see mhy there) But since that started not earlier then 8pm lawrence and i had a great day in the city. Usually the plan was to meet mhy earlier in the city, but she was sleeping in a little and so we just met her and maddy and maddy ;) at the St. Lucia ceremony.
We got to the city around 10.15 am (i think) and we did a lot of amazing things ;)I am a little to lazy again to explain everything super long, but here we go at least with a little list ;) :
- Chrysler Building ( i always wanted to go inside, the thing was that you can't go up or walk around inside, but still it is nice that i now can say that i have been inside of it *lol*)
- A Jewish Ceremony in a real Synagoge ( that was amazing! I loved the way they do the ceremony and the music. It is just not as stiff as in a catholic or protestant ceremony)
- THe famous Candy Store "Dylans Candy Bar" ( Peter, madelines Therapist told me that i HAVE to go there *g* and they really have everything you need from gummibears to different grape sugar, to chocolate, cotton candy, willy wonka chocolate, lolly pops,..........)
- Roosevelt Island ( Tramride, since lawrence had never heard of that before)
- Christmas Market on columbus circle ( i had a non-alcoholic glühwein! and bought some spekulatius for 8$ *haha* but it is worth it, just for enjoying some and then i am also done with that ;) )
- Central Park ( we finally walked all the way up so that we have seen the "big pond" of central park! Wonderful view!!!)
- Guggenheim!!! ( too sad that is still under construction from the outside, but the exhibition from the artist Richard Prince was pretty funny. He had huge pictures with "funny" sentences, then he made those pictures for malboro and lots of other stuff. It is to hard to explain what it looks like but i liked it a lot, because sometimes it was pretty similar to those things i do ;) google him for seeing some of his work of art, it is worth the time ;)
- walked through central park again to get from the upper east side to the west side (for getting some food before going to the st.lucia ceremony)
- Went to the same mexican restaurant my dad and i went to " Cafe Frida" and it was amazing again! I love the food and the mood of the place. Sooo active and alive!
- St.Lucia ceremony & fun with mhy, maddy and at the end with the other maddy (she was part of the choir> wearing white dress on pic)
- heading back to Grand Central Station with a little tea stop at starbucks ;) (it was just toooo cold and windy outside)
After all we just slept in the train and i also crashed ;) when i got home! Suuuper tired! But it was an amazing and fun day!
bye bye kiss!!! *taty*


  1. Chrysler Building da war ich noch nicht,..........ich komme noch mal :-) Schön wenn du schreibst und ich dann lese und sage, war ich, war ich mit meiner Tochter, super war ich auch, nochmal Danke für die Präsentation New York City. Liebe dich mein Kind!
    Dein Papa

  2. Anonymous12/22/2007

    Hey Zuckerpuppe,
    Papa war am montag abend bei uns und hat uns von seinem Tripp bei dir berichtet. Der hat dabei so glaenzende Augen!!!!!!!:-)))))
    LG Nicole