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Statue of liberty tour!!!

Hey on Saturday then we finally went (early early, without breackfast > very bad for my daddy *lol*especially aorund 4pm, still without anything to eat)to the Statue of Liberty! And it was pretty freezing again!!! Really!!! (temperatures around -7°C) and that on the ship or on a island +haha* But we had a great time! ANd can you see the skyline from Manhattan?! i think that was just worth it! And of course the statue was pretty cool too! The museum inside was very informative and so cool, especially because they had the actual real first flame in there and parts of the statue (not some of the real statue, but in the same size)!!! After that we continued the trip to ellis island, where all immigrants arrived long time ago! That museum was suuuuuuuuuper interessting! I just can't explain it, but in a way it was so stunning because that place was so important for so many people! I loved the atmosphere, that you knowed of those now "real" american people had been there one day ;) After that really long trip we just went back to the centre of manhattan! To Bryant Park to watch people crashing onto the ice rink *hehe* and with that we had some hot drinks and chocolate fondue *jammi* very tasty! Oh ja and we went shopping at victoria secrets! ( dad really needed to see that i think *lol* , oh one little adding! i saw the victoria secrets fashion show yesterday on tv! Really great! Heidi was so cute again *g* )

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