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SUNDAY: Anna's Birthdayparty

After Mhy and i split to go back home i watched the big kaleidoskope show in grand central terminal for a while and tried to kill the time until my train was about to leave ;) ON the train i talked to a nice girl from nyc on her way to her boyfriend for celebrating christmas. She was nice and it was interesting to listen to her plan for life ;) (she is a waitress right now and dreams about playing on a broadwaystages ;) ) Back in Beacon i went to Anna's house to celebrate her birthday a little. It was nice to see some new faces! ANd i finally met sebastian ( a new aupair) who seemes to be nice ;) He snowboardes too, so probably we will go snowboarding one day. Maybe we can also arrange it that all of us can go together (anna, nadine, sebastian, me,...?!) Would be fun! AND i met Sirin. She is here already since 3 months, but i have never met her before! I really like her and she is also pretty talkative and funny ;) I hope that we will come together soon, because she is also good with making turkish food *jippie* so that we can cook together one night... or just hanging out! The party was really nice just for seeing and talking to new people! I went back home around 12.30am and i was soooooooo tired!!!

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