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SUNDAY: Time with Mhy

After the big brunch me and mhy just walked around central park and discovered the upper east side, because we both haven't been there to far up ;) That was pretty nice. And we just talked non stop about everything and nothing!!! It was so much fun. Especially when it started to rain super hard and both our shoes had been totally soaky wet! Oh yeah and then we found that pet shop where there had soooo super cute puppies! I could have bought that Shih Tzu immidiately. I miss Bess so much! *knutsch* Then we did some last minute christmas shopping for mhy, went to some starbucks *lol* and i've been in the smallest restroom ever! It was so super super tiny, that you couldn't even really get to the toilet ;) (see picture) Unbelieveable, but great ;) At the end of the day mhy got a little grumpy ;) because we couldn't find a store for printing out some pictures for a present for her hostfamily the way she wanted to. Or she thought that it would be horrible ;) She really paniced *haha* But in the end everything came out super great! (she text messages me)

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  1. Anonymous12/25/2007

    Hey, schatz oh sind die süß kann man die da so einfach kaufen- echt nur schön .....
    Gruß und Kuss