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SUNDAY: Birthday Brunch with Anna and Anne ;)

Hello everybody!
On Sunday morning i went with birthdaygirl Anna(girl with water and pink nailpolish*g*) another aupair anne to New york city to have a nice sunday morning, new york city, birthday brunch ;) We went to Isabella's and it was pretty good. The other girls ordered some omlettes and i had a crepe with apple*something* ;) The sauce maybe looks like mustard on the picture, but it was a delicious vanilla sauce ;) And anna eat it for me ;) because she liked it so much! We just talked a lot and enjoyed the morning. Another "cool" thing for Anna and Anne was that we took the cap ;) because it was there first time! Around 1pm we had been done and i met Mhy. Anna and Anne picked up Anne's friend who came over for a little visit! They went back to Newburgh ealier to get everything ready for Anna's birthday party at night ;)

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12/25/2007

    Hey , Schatz was isst Du da ???
    Ich hoffe es hat besser geschmeckt als es aussah. Hupps