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Day three...big programchange!

On our third day it was usually the day where we should have arrive cococay (that's an island in the bahamas) BUT because of bad weather and to much wind the captain wasn't able to get there or they told us that it would have been to dangerous to bring us from the boat to the island (with little boats) so we got to Freeport (that's another island in the bahamas). The funniest thing happened probably in the morning when i looked out of our "room" window and was surprised that cococay almost looks like New Jersey ;) (at that point we didn't know that that was freeport) Then we got up full with energy, got dressed and ready (beachtowels and other beachstuff) for the day. but when we stepped out of our door we got that flyer!!! Great ;) No Beach for us. And since that island really didn't looked to good we changed our whole day-plan and decided just to stay on board and do all those games and activities. Because the days before it was just great! here is what we did:
morning Breakfast and Rock wall climbing (but that day i did it)
1230amof course, since i was the champion the day before: BLONGO BALL ;) and i won again. Surprisingly!
1am Family board Games, but we just got some games for us to play, because we got there too late (because of playing 3 rounds of blongo ball just for fun)
2-330pm we relaxed ,all bundled up ,on the pooldeck and took a little nap :) At 330 then there was a belly flop contest, what was real fun to watch especially because it was so super cold and with that surprising that somebody was brave enought to join that competition. After that we had lunch ;)
430pmart Auction, we it haven't been part of it, but at least it was interesting and super surprising how much money people pay for copies of real paintings from picasso,miro,...! unbelievable!
530pm After a little stop at that art auction we just walked around the boat and answered some questions of the book "all about us" then we joined a tv trivia game, where we totally lost, because first of all i don't know all those tv shows here in the us and second lawrence is also not a big tv fan. But it was fun to loose ;)
night getting ready for dinner again, then show. That night it was a comedy show and the guy was real good with making the weirdest sounds, but i couldn't really enjoy it, because i had a little trouble with seasickness. ( not super bad, i was just not feeling thaaaaat well from all that movement)
930pm we went to a karaoke party, but there had been so many great singers that we had been to shy to perform ;)
1045pmwas than a cool game show, called The Quest Game Show. We builded a group with 2 other ladies and another couple. The coolest thing was that those ladies knewed exactly which questions or things we needed to win the game ;) For example they needed a picture of a baby or a guy wearing a bra etc. And who got there with those things first got the most points! It was hilarious! Everybody was in a big rush to try to find all different kind of things ;)
1130pm and after After that game they started to play 80's music and then later the top 40's( so new music)so we danced for a while and then went to bed some time ;)

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