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Day two of our cruise ;)

OUr second day started after a little sleeping in with a lot of program! Here we go:
11am Family Scavenger Hunt (we won *jippie*) we needed to answer questions about the boat and the menu for the night etc. Because we didn't knew most of the stuff we just went to the information desk and they helped us a lot. Also with not telling other people the right answeres. That was really funny when they told them just wrong things :)
1130am Win, Lose or Draw (our team won again *hehe*) there we builded a team with another nice lady and for the game we needed to draw "words" on a board and everybody else needed to guess them. Really so much fun !
1145am Because of our next program point we couldn't stay for the ending part of our game before, but it was definitely worth it, because it was time for Caribean Line Dancing on the poolside!!! There we danced those group dances from the night before again. The sun was shining, it was hot! Just great ;)
1230pm It was Blongo Ball Time! That is a game (also outside) where you need to throw a string with two golfballs onto a Pole scaffold to get points. Hard to explain and i also never played that game before! But it was great! AND *tada* i was lucky enough to win the game. After that we had kind of a break, so we had some breakfast/lunch/brunch ;) Something like that. Or let's say lawrence had more of that because i was part of the Men's sexy legs competition.
130pmMen's sexy legs competition! And i can tell you, that was BAD! I thought that there will be some guys showing us their legs and we decide which ones are the greatest, BUT they danced around us etc. NOT NICE AT ALL! And on top of that: all just older guys!!!
230-300pm i finished my lunch and while that we watched the Miss Biceps Competition. As bad as the men's legs competition i can tell you! ;)
3pm i was salsa dancing (learning) while lawrence was at a soduko challange and rock climbing. Salsa was really good, because i found a partner who actually is a salsa teacher, so we danced until nobody was there anymore and even longer, because i wanted to learn all turns etc. Was a lot of fun! And i was surprised how long i had danced (1 1/2 hour)
afternoon After that we just relaxed a little at the pool, had our own soduko challenge and i think around 530 we went to our room to take a shower and get dressed for our dinner etc.
620pm a little to late (but on purpose) we got to our dinner. That night it was a formal dinner, what means that we needed to wear fancy close. Really nice atmosphere!
8pmCaptain's Welcom Aboard reception! There the captain had a little (bad/boring) speech! unfortunately we missed the "photos with the captain" part, but therefor we had a good amount of time for dinner ;)
9pm ONe of those nightly shows started! I think i totally forgot to tell you, but the night before we also had a show going on (called Boggie WOnderland, with lots of good music and also ABBA *jej*) Today there was a singing Impressionist, so he was kind of mixture between comedian and singer. AND that show was just great!!! Because we had one freaky maybe insane guest on the boat who wanted to find his true love (we think) and did everything to impress. The thing is, that everything just looked bad! He haven't even been able to clap with the beat! THe whole audience was laughing out loud!!! But before that i was so bored and wanted to dance until this nice men Jules(see picture)asked me if i want to dance ;) THat was really great because i was able to practise all my funny turns again! (from the salsa class) And since we were the only ones dancing there and in such a cute combination everybody was clapping when we stopped our dance ;)
1015pm after the other show there was another show going on, called the " love and Marriage Game Show" and lawrence really wanted us to be part of it, because you can win a spa coupon and things like that, but you needed to be married. But it was still great, because our new friends Jules and mi were part of it!!! And they had the best answeres ever! again, just hilarious!
night At night then we went from one club to the other, but there were not as much people as the night before (of course, because it wasn't new years anymore) so that we went to the chocolate buffet had some strawberries and then just went to bed.


  1. jenny ives1/15/2008

    hey chica.. mensch dein silvester scheint ja echt der burner gewesen zu sein :) hoffe du konntest dir schon unsere bilder von silvester im studi begucken...
    haben ab nächste woche mal wieder klausuren´und die lernerei nimmt kein ende :( naja..aber bald fängt die karnevalssaison an und dann kann man wieder ordentlich zeltpartys mitnehmen :))
    wünsch dir noch ein supi tag.. hug, jenny

  2. Anonymous1/17/2008

    Hallo again,

    schön Dich zu sehen ...

    Alles Gut ,so sieht es aus

    noch eine schöne Zeit.

    In Liebe DEINE Mama