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Daytona Beach day!

The next day, we started with breakfast again and then we tried to fix grandma's computer. unfortunately she didn't had a wireless adapter in her house, so we couldn'T get a good connection for her laptop to go online. And since it was a bright and sunny day we decided to use the time for beeing outside! We went with heidi for a big walk (too big for Lawrence ;) since he is just used to "chihuahua-long- walks" *lol*) what i really loved! Just great to play around and run with a dog! I miss you Bess *kiss* ! After that we packed the car with all different stuff for the beach, frisbee, boards, towels, chairs *lol* (not for me ) haymaths,etc. and then actually went to the beach! It was a good and relaxing time! Then at a beach bar we talked to some people, what was real interesting, because those two good friends both came from California and she lived in Switzerland for 5years and he was a working gipsy ;) Hilarious! I always thought that gipsys don't work and don't have a real home *haha* But it was just fun to talk to them because they were SO crazy ;)After our beachtime we went home, got dressed and went minigolfing! And i won by a canvas! 1 point better than Lawrence ;) *yey* After that little workout *loL* we had our last day dinner at a restaurant called Fishbone! and i can tell you: SOOOOO GOOD FOOD! Yep and that was again our last full day,... The next day was our flight back home :*(

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