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Seaworld Orlando!

ON Saturday we got up early and had a fantastic breakfast! It was just great, because actually everything was on the table and we talked and had a good time while eating ;) Around 930am we headed out then to go to Seaworld in Orlando! We wanted to have grandma with us, but she was about to meet some friends and to relax a little ;) So we had a formidable day! We saw a lot of shows with dolphins, whales and Shamu (Freewilly!;)!) Was just nice and for free, too!(because Lawrence is military we got a "discount" which meant 100%off ;) so great! But the funniest thing about that was, that on our ticket they called him "Hero" and me "dependent Tatjana Paustian") Oh yeah, they also had one huge rollercoaster which was super long and with a lot of loopings!!! The good thing for us was that about one hour before the park closed it started to drizzle so that the lines had been super short ;) Back home we had tasty dinner with grandma and then just crashed into bed ;) and slept through until 9 in the morning!

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