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Miami, Sushi, Shopping and Road trip to daytona Beach!

Here we go again! My computer works! *jippie* i will try to catch up now with all my last events, so if your weekend is a little slow going you have something to read *lol* First i start with our check out morning! It was kind of complicated to get back to Miami, because the**** didn't want to believe us that we haven't bought anything on the cruise. That was the reason (we think) that they checked all of our luggage, what was kind of funny because Lawrence still had his 5 bags full of stuff :) where i (as the girl) just had one suitcase and my purse :) And those cops really did a good job they checked everything you can think of, even my wallet, cosmetic bag AND they also checked if my labtop is a real one ;) After that we finally were back in Miami! *yey* Since we haven't been to a shopping area with a Sushi place Lawrence wanted to go to, we did that know ;) So, we went to the airport to get our renatl car and then we had a great time walking around, checking out those cool stores (unfortunately they just sold summerclothes, SO MANY LOVELY DRESSES *heul*, that i stayed strong and didn't buy anything) and then had great Thaifood and Sushi! And that was the funniest thing ever. I think we changed our tables 5 times, because there was always something we didn't like ;) Too chilly, too windy, too smoky, not outside,... Good thing was that we didn't had food, so it was not bad for our waitress, still we left a little more tip as usual ;) After that we decided to hit the road, so that we would be able to see Lawrence grandma when we arrive ;) (it was a 4 1/2 hour drive from miami to daytona) Once there it was kind of scary because nobody was at home and we didn't want to scare grandma ;) But she was still working ;) She is a volunteering police cop! Isn't that great?! (she is around 70years old!!!)After we figured out that grandma was working we walked to the beach just to move a little after that long drive! It was so much fun, especially when we walked into the ocean with our jeans ;) *brrr* so cold but sooo cool ;) When grandma got back we watched all together sex and the city and she showed us her target training papers! And she is real good! Oh ja and before i forget about the greatest thing! She has a dog ! (Heidi) and i just LOVED to play and cuddle with her!

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