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New Year's Eve on the "Majesty of the Seas" *yey*

After a realxing morning in South beach with some packing we took a cap to the port for getting on bord ;) We went through some security checks and formal things to get on the ship. And the very first moment was just stunning! Really it looks like you would enter a Titanic. You are totally not feeling like on a ship because everything is so huge and great. First we checked out our room and got familiar with the schedual for the day and of course also how we can get from one place to the other without getting lost ;) The funniest event at the very beginning then was the mandatory safety test. Everybody on the boat needed to get their lifejackets and as the alarm went on we walked to one of the top decks to train a "bad" scenario. In a way that was pretty scary, because when you think about the fact, that really something can happen to the ship and then to you is not the nicest dream ;) Anyways, the training was fun! After that we finally had our luggage in front of our rooms so that we unpacked and got dressed for the "sailaway"-party (that's the part where the ship leaves the harbour) and then of course for the new year's eve dinner and the party after ;)

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