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Let's party!!! *happy new year*

After the little sailaway party, th ebeautiful sunset and miami skyline Lawrence and i went to our dinner room. There we waited really unpatiently for our "table-maids". The thing was that somebody messed something up with our table, so that we needed to switch, what was definitely good for us because otherwise we would have been sitting between a old family clan ;) So our "new Friends" came from mexico and just got married a week before. So real honeymooners ;) Super cute and although they haven't been able to talk that much english, we had been able to communicate a little ;) Then Dinner was great. You could choose from different appetizers, entrees, maincourses, salads and deserts and then they served you everything ;) I honestly can not really remember anymore what we exactly had for new year's eve dinner, but it must have been good, because all the food was always super delicious ;)
After all that food we went to the casino and gambles a little on those slot machines. And actually we won 40$. Since then Lawrence was kind of addicted but i was too bored so he stoped ;) and we started partying! First we started at the "Boleros" for some salsa dancing, then we went to the "Spectrum" where a dj was playing new music and around 1130 we went to the pooldeck party for getting ready for the countdown. Everybody was dancing to the "magic slide" and other group dancing songs and it was SOOO much fun! Then everybody got some champagne and *heeeey* here we go! HAPPY NEW YEAR! It was great! And after that especially all younger people danced until the end ;) Since we already danced for hours the pool was really the best place to go into!!! Around 3 o'clock, i think, then the music just kind of slowed down and the party was over ;) And we had been done too ;) We went to bed and got up kind of early because we wanted to do all games and activities in the morning ;)


  1. Hey Taty.. ich habe gerade entdeckt das du heute Namenstag hast. In meinem neuen Kalender den ich zu Weihnachten bekommen habe stehen nämlich auch alle Namenstage drin. Also alles Gute zum Namenstag ;-)
    Gruß und Kuss Pia

  2. Claudia1/12/2008

    Hi Taty!
    Na, wie gehts dir so? Deine Bilder sehen mal wieder echt klasse aus. Hoffe in Amerika ist alles okay. Man, beneide ich dich... ich wäre auch nocht total gerne da. :-) Also, grüß mir die Amis!
    liebe Grüße Claudia