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Daylight saving time!!!

Heeeeeeeeeeeey! Finally the day had some and we are back to our summer time :) That means that i have one more hour of nice sunshine at night! And that's real great, because then it is real worth of going to a trail for getting my inlineskates moved a little bit :) So i hope that with that spring is coming now too! I can already hear the birds singing, but you never know here in new york. But lets cross the fingers that we will not have any snow anymore!!!

(and some infos to the picture. That is annas and my watch. We just thought on the way to the aupairmeeting that it is prettz funny that she has such a small watch and mine is so huge *lol* Oh and aupair meeting was good too. We just went to panera bread, thats a bistro kind of restaurant. and after all we just went back to annas house to usually walk around a little, but then we where stuck in talking about hair, and movies and new york and everything :) ) love you all!!! *kiss kiss* & bye bye ~Taty~

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3/12/2008

    hey du.. vielen lieben danke für die ostergrußkarte :)...
    hoffe bei dir is allet gut.. bin wieder fleißig am lern. nächsten monat stehen wieder prüfungen an.. ja ja..
    schönen tag noch.. lg jenny