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RAINY DAY so we went shopping in Middletown!

So last saturday was real bad wheather so sirin and i decided to go shopping in Middletown! (and i think this was the first time i've been to that mall since i am usually not such a big mall shopper) but it was real good time and i found some nice things too! 2 summerdresses (or now you can also wear them as a shirt), 4 shirts, and a new sport outfit from h&M :) Then after just 3 hours of shopping there was no good store left to go to, except for starbucks. So i got my iced tea , sirin her coffee and we talked and checked our new items again :) After that we startet walking around again and went to one of those super cheap stores where they also have dresses. Usually we wantet to try on one of those dresses each (just for fun) but then it was already fun enought just to look at those people trying on those dresses for real! (it was so great, because there were some girls trying on a real poisionous greenish dress or comparable dresses!!! hilarious!) Then after a little more of walking around i saw that sign of a manicure and pedicure centre! And we did it! I got a manicure and pedicure and sirin got some fake nails! Oh my god, that was so good. Those chinese people there did such a good job with cleaning my feetsies :) and giving me a massage! (while i was sitting in a massage chair!) oh soooo good ;) Yeah and then we split at the end of the day, because sirin wanted to go to a party and to meet her boyfriend. And i usually wanted to meet a friend, but since she has/had lice i prefered not to go to her house ;) so i met lawrence and we went to a restaurant. The thing was, that we usually wanted to go to one just out of west point, but all the electricity went off, because of those storms and trees falling down. So we drove to another place and had a good time!

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