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Ikea!! WIth my swedish friends :)

Hey! So i think two weeks ago i went to mia's house because her hostparents weren't there and she had jason for two days (just at night, but still) so we played with him and watched barnes dvds what was real fun! (no joke!!!) but he is always up so late, so after he went to sleep we were super tired too (midnight) so that we decided also just to go to sleep to be awake for the next day, to make jason ready for his grandma and to go to ikea ! But before we went there amanda (another swedish girl) came over so that we could go there all together. Ikea was fun! I bought some good smelling and nice looking candles and finally two little trees! Now my room looks soooo nice :) i love my plants! AND the good thing is, i don't have my cat right now to eat it all away (hey lulu!*wink*i bought your favourite snack*nananananana*) After ikea we went to a mall then, because the girls wanted to go shopping. It was real funny because then we went to H&M, so it was kind of a swedish day :) After all i needed to say goodbye and go to west point for the My Sinatra Show! That was real good. The guy performed all populat sinatra songs and also told us something about his history, why he is singing sinatra songs and also a little bit about sinatra! It was a real good mix and a good way of entertainment! After that Ben, Jasmin, lawrence and i went to Thayer Hotel to get something to drink, because with our tickets we got a free drink there. Was a good time!

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