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Hey again! So on sunday then i went to west point again, because rebeccas hostparents already went home, so we didn't go to the DIA Beacon. Was kind of sa, because all the other girls went to Albany and i told them the week before that i will not go because i wanted to do something with the family,but john was really not feeling good because of his namonia! And it is a real long drive to michigan! So i ended up doing a "studi-day"with lawrence. we both brought all our stuff for school and we were reading and studying and all that stuff. The thins was, the one who really needed to do somethin (lawrence *lol*) got some food, then a drink and and and ..... :) but i got 2 chapters of reading done, what was real good! At night then the girls came back from albany and i reserved a table for us, so that way we could all talk a little and i can finally meet our new aupair in the area (Franzi, she is also with me on the picture) it was good! But the service was horrible! We didn't had something to drink, then we waited an hour before we got our food (and that in fast food nation, unbelievable ha?!), didn't had silverware then AND they didn't ask us for the drink of the week (that is a special thing at applebees, when they don't aks you for that drink you get it for free) So in the end we got our drink. With a bad feeling though, because they were making a big scene. So, but we were all in a good mood still and were talking a lot! ;)

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