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Boston! ( Saturday)

This weekend franzi and i went to boston! We had a real good time AND we were lucky too :) because the weather was supposed to be BAD (rainy and cold), but it was the opposite! We enjoyed ourselfes walking around the parks and streets,... But here is the whole story and the matching pictures :)
pic1:we weren't the only tired persons in the train to nyc(no wonder,getting up at 4am)
pic2: Our bus in chinatown. *luckybus* yey! :)
pic3: ANd here we go! South Station (the busterminal) in Boston!
pic4/5: Chinatown!
pic 6: our hostel (i know it is a great picture, where you can't really see the hostel, but that's all ihave *lol*)
pic7: prudential tower
pic8:little bit of vitamin water :) ( i just liked the vendor machine *hehe*)
pic9: firetruck *uiuiuiuiuiuiuiiiiiii* :)
pic10:trinity church ( i think *lol*)

i have to go to the gym now! More of boston , later :) kisses & big hugs!


  1. Anonymous4/14/2008

    See Please Here

  2. ~*nici*~4/14/2008

    ...oh man wenn ich deine bilder aus boston so sehe dann kommen erinnerungen hoch (:
    noch ne schöne woche...
    hdgdl :-*