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Boston (still Saturday)

okay, now i continue my Boston report *lol*
pic1: me in front of that building *hehe* i just remember that i havev the same exact picture of me from my last trip :)
pic2/3: Franzi and then me having late lunch in the common green! *sooo nice*
pic4: franzi and me still in the park, but now on that bridge (see next pic)
pic5: the bridge i was talking about :) isn't that just a nice park?!
pic6/7/8: us still cruising/walking around the park
pic 9: i just couldn't resist that duck :) AND after another woman(little older) also stopped and wanted us to take a "silly" picture of her for her kids :)
pic10: peek-a- boo (in german: kuck-kuck)

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