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Chadwick Lake

Hey !
Yesterday (monday) i went to a lake close by our house. One of our therapists (nancy, the one i was at stop and shop with, see old post) it was real nice! The sun was shining and i walked all around the lake! And that was quiet a walk. (2 hours), the bad thing was that i really needed to go to the bathroom half way through :) *of course* but when i saw all those freaky looking plants popping out of the ground and almost falling into the water at some point (i was a little too interested in some particular stone *lol*) i made it to the end, where a nice restroom was waiting for me :) At the end of the day i was real tired :) (not from the walking, more from my little cold i brought home from boston) but after surviving my class ( i got my exam back!!! and i got a 100% *juhu* that was amazing, especially i didn't study that much and just thought that i didn't do that well... ) anyways... i hope you like all those pictures *lol* talk to you soon!

bye bye ~*taty*~

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