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Wonderful, sunny and busy day!

Today was another great day! The sun was shining as hot as she can :) (80F!) And madeline and me had a real cool day! First we started out working on her kissing and clapping skills, then a little tour around the neighborhood and the playground, then session with Peter (our loved PT *g*)and then STORYTIME :) as you know we always love that ! Today was super cool because abig orange bear was there for the kids (and for me too, of course * lol* ) Madeline was pretty brave, sitting all by herself on the lab of that bear (without crying) > see pics < Anyways, after that we were hanging out at barnes and nobles for a little while until dad was ready to go. Then madeline had an doctors appointment and the rest of the day was pretty much as usual... I just went shopping and now i think i will go outside enjoy the sun! *yey* it's supposed to be like that for the next 2 days! jippie* okay, i don't wqant to make you guys back in germany toooo jealous :) Or, how is the weather back in o-town?! *lol* let me know ! bye bye ** ~Taty~ **

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