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New York City & Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus

So after our little police stop, we finally headed over to Middletown where the bus from my college left. We got to the city around 11.40am and had time until the show begun (315pm) to do whatever we wanted to do ;) so we got some food and then just enjoyed the wonderful, sunny weather combined with the new york city flair ;)It was awesome! As long as it is warm and sunny i am happy anyways :) And then i also saw the first blooming trees in nyc! So great, almost like seeing the first snow in the city, just better because that shows that spring is finally here! *yey* Yeah, so how i said, we just relaxed! (oh and before i forget about that, we saw two accidents. First guy got hit by a cap and his bike was totally destroit!!! He just threw it away and walked with his red belly away. Second car hit another guy, but nothing happened. He was just yelling> ARE YOU SERIOUS?! *lol* jep.) Then after all those things, we went to madison square garden to see the show! And i must say, i loved it! And that means something ;) since i never liked circus! But it was really the "greatest Show on earth" (that's what all flyers say *hehe*) I loved the animal parts the most though! So amazing! they had a doggy show in the beginning and then the tigers and elephants (but you can see those on the pictures!) and then in general everything was great! You never knew where to look at first, because there were always so many things happenening at the same time! Was just awesome! After that we went back to the bus and back to middletown! OKay... i will go to bed now :) Tomorrow will be aupairmeeting day ;o) love you all! bye bye *Taty*


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