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Pulled over....!

Sorry that i haven't uploaded the wedding pictures yet, but i just put them on my laptop and know i am using rebecca's and those "old" pictures are not on my camera anymore. BUT ;) i promise i will upload them some time!
Okay know to my dummie story of the day! I got pulled over in west point! I was going 25 where i was supposed to go 15Miles per hour. Super dumm, because i was just not paying attention and everywhere else in west point the speed limit is 25MpH. Anyways. Can't change it anymore. Ans HEY it was a first! Never got a ticket before! So lets celebrate it... *
(oh yeah, and i asked the cop after all if we could take a picture together, since i am from germany and i never got a ticket before... and he was just like> NO CAN't DO THAT in a serious sound... Lawrence just took one of his cool car then *hehe*)

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