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Summer fun at the Waterfront!!!

Today was another lovely day! Sun was shining and it was just a warm summer day! First i just studied there and i was supposed to meet the family gerdes ( a german/american family) but there kid is just throwing up so we canceled our trip to the storm king art center. So i continued studying and then asked Nadine if she wants to come over! ANd she did!!! *yeah* so we hang out on the waterfront, got some ice (FROM A REAL ICCEMAN WITH THE LITTLE BELL! SO GREAT!) Then we walked over the beacon bridge and after all we had dinner at the waterfront! Real great day!!! Now i am at her house and we are "hanging out" *lol* Tomorrow i will go with lawrence to the city! He saw the pope today ( in new york city) and he loved it! I'll see some pics tomorrow and then i can also give you guys a little report. BUt what i know is, that he was really funny and that they all sung a german birthday song for the pope! (although his birthday was couple of days ago) Okay i got to go now!

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