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Rachel Ray TV Taping

I am not pretty sure if i told everybody that i won some tickets for the Rachel Ray Tv show taping. That is one of those morning "housewife" shows *lol* i applied for all different kind of shows like tyra, oprah, letterman,... some time ago and that's why i got those tickets. I got 3 tickets total so i asked Lena and her hostmom to join me. I was just happy to find somebody to go with me :) since normally all aupairs have to work during the week. And it was justgreat, especially because we were in the front row! So next week we will be on tv. And the cool part was, that Patrick Dumpsey (from greys anatomy or also now in that new movie "the man of honor")was there. In comparison to some other more b-class guest he was real cool to see :) then there was also the mom of the Jonas Brothers there ( i don't know if you know those guys back in germany, but they have a couple of songs out and all teenage girls are crazy about them *lol*) Yeah and at the end we got a couple of goodies :) like some kind of expensive hairshampoo and conditioner, a signed album of the jonas brothers and the "snack of the day"

After that we all went to a restaurant on union square called "the blue fish grill" What was real nice. I had some mahi mahi :) and for dessert some blood orange sorbet! SOOO GOOD :) Lena got (of course) a melted chocolate cake with chocolate sauce,... :) ( for all people who don't know lena: SHE IS ADDICTED TO CHOCOLATE! BUT THE SERIOUS WAY)

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