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Day 5 – Relaxing :) (Delhi, pool, wasabi, red Fort Light show)

On the 5th day, it turned out to be a more relaxing day. We slept in, organized our “home” and then went to that Sushi restaurant “wasabi”. We really love it there and the food is always great  That time we pigged out *haha* We got Spicy Yellowtail and spicy salmon sushi rolls, a sashimi selection, green tea noodles with a specific soy sauce and a silken tofu. And the coolest thing was that we always got the fresh wasabi (fresh from the root) what is just super tasty. But I’ll stop describing now - I don’t want to make you hungry. After all that we went to that hotel pool just to swim. (or for Lawrence, more to read and sleep *haha*) A couple of hours later, we headed towards old Delhi again for seeing the Night Sound and Light Show at the red fort. Was really a good show, but in a way we were just too tired to stay the full hour, since they play smoothening music, it is night and of course as usual kind of warm. All together it was a real good day though and we are ready to discover other parts of India now *g*

green tea noddles @ wasabi

the pool

red fort by night

light show

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