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Diving into another world...

Another day went by far too fast. Good night beautiful sun and thank you for giving me this amazing tan already. (Ja Ja Mami, I am using sun screen :) )

Besides the another exceptionally adorable sunset, the St. Joseph Peninsula State Park gave us lots of opportunities to dive into another world and pay attention to the little things. Felt like a child again observing fish, crabs and colorful birds. 
The perfect chocolate. Rich Dark. 65% Cocoa, yet not bitter at all. Bought it because of the tempting packaging (see outside here ). Upon "unboxing" I only realized that the maker of this chocolate knew how to put the savorer into the right mood for enjoying it. Love poem included. Enjoying life one piece at a time :)

Palm tree decoration "the Florida way". Somehow kitchy, but it puts a smile on my face every morning. 

Feeling like polkadots today. Oh and yes, my German friends. Wearing shorts.

Just started watching LOST last week and this park reminds me a lot of the Hawaiian scenery they show (of course without the mountains etc. etc.). This is exactly what I love about America. In which direction could you drive for 5 hours in Germany (or Europe) and find such diverse environment? 

Nature walk/watch in the resort close by. Those seashells were actually moving (crab inside) and the other little friend kept peaking outside his home. 

Trying to blend in as much as I can with my very patriotic tire. Neighbor had some fireworks after sunset for Memorial Day. Dogs were scared :/

Unwinding on the beach, watching the fisherman and talking to people. Charlotte is hilariously into fishing and is dedicated to be a "pro" after the week here. 

Other noteworthy highlights of the day:
Saw a dolphin in free territory for the first time in my life. He was jumping around and reveled the high waves. 

Evelyn gave me a complete sand body rub today after swimming in the ocean. Best treatment for the skin (I am as soft as the bootie of a newborn ;) )

Cooked mexican food for dinner. Guacamole and other tasty parts of the meal turned out very good. 

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