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Beach bliss...

As we keep changing time zones (in Florida they are one hour ahead of Atlanta) and the kiddies aren't able to sleep in very well, I got up really early. Don't want to waste a single second of looking at the beautiful environment here. The picture above shows the sunrise here. As if that isn't magic enough, there was a little bird singing while I was sipping my freshly brewed coffee. 

After the day started gloriously I made some breakfast for Emily, Charlotte and the dogs so we were ready to for a day full of fun. We started out with a nice walk (which turned out to be more of a jog. Lovely! Didn't expect the kids to be so energetic and happy to run! Sadie, my beach buddy, loved it even more) Coffee stains on my pants were accepted happily :) Felt good to run on the beach!

Working on the picture taking skills :)

Our beach house. Awfully far away from the beach - NOT! :)

Other morning activities included sand castle building, another long walk, seashell hunting and food hunting/grocery shopping at "Piggly Wiggly" (I am not joking). Heading back outside for a little nap now. 


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