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Cozy, historic Charleston and the gas station drama

We made it a point to spend the whole day in Charleston today. One of the cities in the US that is filled with history and has a very European touch. We stayed at the Notso Hostel right in the center of the city and got to walk around under a bright blue sky! 

Sweet temptation, or? At the Wild Flower Pastry the owner herself made us a refreshing ice coffee. The wait was a very pleasant one if you look at all sorts of beautiful pastries and cakes. 

Lovely brick wall & happy Taty

What a Marilyn Monroe moment! On our "movie map" tour we found a lot of locations from "The Notebook" (another Nicholas Sparks based movie) in which Ryan Gosling falls in love with a richer girl...

"Pink House" in Charleston, right across the German Fire Company Engine House and the Slavery Mart Museum. Strolling around the cobble stone streets felt very good. Foot massage!

Calhoun Mansion

Good morning kitty cat!

Calhoun Mansion - Wondering why the ceilings at the famous houses are always blue. Answer: Blue is the color that is scaring away ghosts. Therefore, the entrance areas always have a blue ceiling. Do you see the "angel" streams falling down on Myh?

Pine apple fountain. Who find the mistake? :) The pineapple is actually a sign for hospitality in the south and especially in Charleston. 

Fresh Oysters from Florida. Deliciousness!

On my way to becoming more and more Americanized :)

Important destination: the Boone Plantation. Impressive lans and great preparation of the historic landmarks/events of the change of the role of slaves. Fascinating that slavery was practiced until the 1940ies. Sometimes even longer. 

Summary of Day 3: 
- coming tomorrow - 

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