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Wilmington, Southport and lots of fun in and on the Atlantic ocean

... we did a lot today! 

Learned something new: Apparently the boy-scouts donated 100 miniature statues of liberty to the United States. This is one of them (she has a really funny face though!)  

Deliciousness has a name! Kilwins'! We splurged on a little treat during a coffee break. Trust me, everything in this store looked amazing. I ended up with a pretzel stick covered in caramel and pecans, while Myh enjoyed a rice krispy treat refined with peanut butter and dark chocolate!

Taty on the hunt for ideas for retail concepts. You wouldn't believe how beautiful all those tiny boutiques were in a small and dreamy town like Wilmington! We are in love with the Historical Center. 

Interior details. Store inspiration!

Bright colors, nature, sand, waves, dunes = Kure Beach! 

Being massaged by the wind on our ferry tour from Kure Beach to Southport! Bliss!

Enjoying the wind, view and time with my friend ;)

 Happy girls in Southport! 

Summary of Day 2: 
- Total of 630 miles driven
- Sights/Stops: Wilmington, Kure Beach, Southport, Myrtle Beach (Surfside Beach), Charleston (we got here right in time to check into our Hostel at 10pm! Curious to see the city tomorrow!)  
- Highlights: Hard rain in the morning, Trolley tour through Wilmington, strolling around the artsy stores there, Swimming in the ocean, Ferry Ride (!!), absolutely adorable dinner at Southport (town where Safe Haven was filmed), fun drive to Charleston (including nice welcoming letter in which I am called "Tattaana" hilarious!!! We had a serious laugh flash!)  

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