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Food Special

My friends and people that know me a little better have probably recognized that I love good foods and to try new things. Today I took my time at the grocery store and looked at all sorts of things that we don't have in Germany or that are simply not affordable :)

Here a few of my picks of the day: 

Being a "Green Glowing Smoothie Graduate" I still love the idea of green drinks which contain all sorts of good stuff (e.g. Spinach, lettuce...) I know, I know lots of people make a face when they hear that I drink blended spinach with pear and banana. But give it a shot - it is surprisingly delicious! Anyways, curious to try these over the next few days. 

Second stop was lunch at the German bakery in the neighborhood. Roastbeef-Cheese Sandwich with gluten-free bread. Very tasty - passed the test!

Last but not least, the cultural difference lesson for the day. The space that is reserved for cereal in the supermarkets is insane. Thinking about "Cini Mini's" in strawberry, mint or chocolate flavor? They got it. Rice Krispies in a gluten-free version (as if rice alone wouldn't already be gluten free enough) - check. Insane! But I have to admit that I love the variety for this type of food ... :)

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