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Sex and the City - 15 years!

I almost forgot! Luckily only almost! Cheers to 15 years of Sex and the City! It is probably one of the shows that taught me more than you would think. Some of you may know that I added the vulgar word for a men's genital to my vocabulary by pausing SATC, wrote it down (in my innocent book of unknown words) and looked it up in my merriam webster dictionary. Yes, THIS word (click on the link if you dare to :) ) is really described in such a reputable book/website. 

Anyways, cheers to good friends (girlfriends, in particular), fashion faux-pas and horrible kisses! Luckily there is always a happy ending with a walk in closet full of Manolo Blahnik's!

Here a collection of the best moments of Sex and the City!

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