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Hilton Head Beach, Savannah and a long drive to the middle of nowhere

Take me back in time :) I am back to civilization with working internet and a little cozy time to continue the travel log. 

After a delightful morning at the beach (including some jellyfish attack. No, I didn't let anyone pee on my arm to rescue me :) ) we were ready to dive into more historical sights. Savannah - here we come!

Tiny interior store for inspiration... 

Car lovers are welcome to tell me all about this car model. We just completely fell in love with the looks of it. 

Palm trees and brick. Lovely combination!

Highlight! Being able to enjoy a drink from Wet Willies OUTSIDE (which isn't usually allowed in America) on the riverfront. 

Enjoying ourselves :)

Real Southern Food - first time that I got to try cornbread. Blackened chicken Po'Boy afterwards! 

Happy girls :)

Summary of day 4: 
- coming soon - 

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