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Artsy New Orleans

Hello Hello Friends! I am still trying to catch up with this blog and show you all the pretty things that we have seen and experienced along the way. Lots of people asked me if I am back in Atlanta, Germany or somewhere completely else :) So here a little update that in real time. The road trip is over and Myh has left me :( *sad face* It really takes some time to getting used to being without someone that you shared such a fun, intense and great time with! But I am still in Tennessee. My "host family" has a beautiful house in the Great Smoky Mountains and let me stay with them :) Fortunately their place is very close to where my friend Mandy lives, which is why I stayed with her for two days to catch up and enjoy the 4th of July! Job hunt is still on, but I prefer not to speak about it unless something REALLY concrete is coming along (bad luck etc :) ). Be patient, I'll let you know all about it once I have (I wonder if that is ever going to be the case *haha*) detailed information :)


"Hey Dolls!" 
That is how we were welcomed by our gay (and totally hilariously southern and unfortunately rude receptionist) in New Orleans! We splurged on a nice hotel and I slept until 1030am (!!!) in the morning. 
Myh enjoying her morning coffee at Ruby Slippers right next to our hotel. Super vivid place that reminded me of Pastis in New York! Needless to say that we enjoyed it a lot!

The "authentic southern breakfast": grits, eggs, bacon and toast (well, that's the healthy version of it). Delicious! Especially when you enjoy the breakfast at brunch time! 

The band "YES Ma'am" were really fun! Music was all over New Orleans. I wish that some musicians would spread out to other cities so we can all enjoy the tunes all over the place!

Creole Queen!

World famous Beignets at Cafe Du Monde! TO DIE FOR! 

Impressions #1 New Orleans

Impressions New Orleans #2 - Royal Street! Loved the way they "installed" the street names with tiles in the ground. 

Colorful necklaces were everywhere! Left overs from the famous Mardi Grass celebration!

Overall, I would describe New Orleans as a rougher, artsy, little dirty city with lots to see. It is full of history, colorful people and music. The food is heavy and so are the drinks (especially the "Hurricane" that was invented here). Luckily the French Quarter weren't affected by Hurricane Katrina, but the damage outside the historic center was still very obvious! 

Summary of day 6: 
coming soon -

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