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Water park and tornado warning - Welcome to Georgia

 Amazing day. Those two words probably conclude this one pretty well. Worked a little bit in the morning before we dived head first into a day filled with activities! 

Stop #1 - Water park in Cumming. 4 hours of splashing in the water + enjoying the heat (a tiny little bit too much for me - aka red skin - even though we applied SPF 50 multiple times!) 

Stop #2 - Tennis shoe and outfit shopping for the girls. Fitting rooms filled with mini skirts and giggling girls :)

Stop #3 - Yoghurtland! Juhuuu! Frozen Yoghurt. You get a bowl and mix it all together yourself. 12 different flavors plus some healthy (and some NOT so healthy) toppings. We were all in heaven! Especially when the thermometer shows temperatures in the upper 90°F/36°C!

Stop #4 - Dick's to finish up the sports shopping strong! Taty is still in love with adidas. Nike is starting to get close with their hilarious tee's though!

Stop #5 - HOME! Run on the treadmill while watching LOST. Kids still jabbering about the day. Food. Couch. DONE! 

Luckily the tornado didn't get too close! But it was "fun" to experience the alert etc!



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    1. Hi waterworld. For more information about the park, click here
      Have a splashy day :p