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The weekend: five pictures

The past weekend was filled with American culture, volunteering for great causes and enjoyment. 

It all started with a trip to Barnes & Nobles. I was finally able to grab my macbook plus a freshly brewed ice tea :) and focus on finding some special destinations for Myh and my road trip coming up next week! I got definitely extremely excited after finding uncountable restaurants, beaches, famous places etc. that will keep us busy for 10 days! 
(As a J.Crew store is right across the B&N, I couldn't resist and finally bought the bracelet I've been lusting for!)  

Saturday was the day of volunteering fun! We (Ulrike and myself) headed out at 9am to sort some books that will go to Africa! Great idea and we were happy to be part of it. For more information click HERE  :)

 After all that hard work, we were happy to meet the local LIONS Club for a little tailgate party (incl. delicious hotdogs). Good music, nice people, games, food and drinks all for the organization "Leader Dogs for the Blind". As my breakfast didn't consist of more than a coffee and half a yoghurt this hotdog was probably the tastiest one I ever had. 

What follows a tailgate party? Exactly! A game! In this case a baseball game: Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants. Unexpected highlight. A walk around the baseball field prior to the game!

During the 3 hour long game we were baking in the sun :) Approximately 104°F/40°C ! I was impressed how "normal" we look on the pictures. It felt like our faces were burning off :) Now I also understand why the baseball hat got his name from this sport. Can't survive a game without it (at least not in the summer time)!

Last but not least: Today we celebrated the American Dad's :) We had a cozy day at the pool and went out to a Cuban restaurant. I got a feeling that Mike will turn into my 3rd Papi!  That would certainly explain why I can't say no to Ice Cream! :)

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