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You've got mail...

Hello again from the Atlanta area!
 I sent a package last week and got to watch the mailman  in the neighborhood do their thing. Gosh! SO efficient! Why don't we have that in Germany? 

The famous American mailbox is located right on the street (and within reach for the mailman who can sit in the car - hint: the car of the mailman is in a "British format" meaning that the driver sits on the right side!!! Genius!) 

Also, I can just leave my mail in the box, lift up the red flag (IF still existing, see last picture :) ) and the mailman will take it with them. Super easy! Deutsche Post - please apply (at least in the outskirts)

Besides sitting in the bushes and creeping up on the mailman, I still get to enjoy myself every now and then. In between application writing and networking I got to play tennis today with a new team! It was so much fun! The kids even got hooked. First tennis lesson will be tomorrow (for them) and friday (for myself). 

Other highlights coming up :) 
  • Water-park
  • Volunteering for the Roteract (Books for Africa activity) 
  • ...and for the Lions Club (Baseball game)
  • Larges aquarium in the world (Atlanta)
  • Atlanta Zoo
  • Coca Cola World 
Hugs and kisses! 

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