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HAHA! I just realized that I didn't wave put am showing you 4 fingers in the picture :) Alright, let's pretend that was on purpose... OH! I am now in America for exactly 4 weeks! (how fitting - did my inner Taty do that for me?) 

After these 4 weeks I can definitely say that I have arrived. I don't get lost in the neighborhood anymore, there are a couple of people I know and get to have a good time with, I am in two volunteering groups (Roteract AND Lions - I know bizarre, but in each group there are very nice people), I am signed up for tennis lessons and so on and so on... Besides my continuous headaches (from the lyme disease) I am very happy and jauntily! 

You probably wonder about the details what made me think this way, right? ;) Well, the past weekend was pure bliss! 

Priority #1 - Job hunt - I found a really nice trainee position (company xyz :) I won't tell until anything gets more concrete!) Got to organize my application overview sheet. Finally!

Fun - Shopping at Costco (including eating lunch by sampling everything they cook for you so that you potentially like it SOO MUCH that you buy it :) ), bonfire with Jessica and her friends which included s'mores! (I kind of messed mine up, the marshmallow was burned and the center still hard *lol* I am still not americanized all the way!)
Sunday we were surprise by a little rain, so hiking turned into hard-core shopping :) Summer Sale has already started and it is absolutely insane. Example: Hollister offered 40% off everything (even things that have been already reduced in price) Result = full bag of things I absolutely adore but a fraction of the money I would have paid for two weeks ago!

I got this shirt, blue hoodie, a dress very similar to this one (but cuter) and a Bralette (I love the word!!!) like this (only in white). Not sure if the Sale works on the German homepage as well. But here it is also 40% off all items if you shop online! 

Conclusion = Happy Taty! Great Weekend! Back to work!

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