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Alpharetta Farmers Market

Although I live in Johns Creek (which kind of belongs to Alpharetta, or is often even referred to as one city... Nobody really understands it) I finally went to a local farmers' market in "downtown" Alpharetta. The LIONS club was selling brooms and light bulbs - which is a traditional activity of theirs - so we took the chance and stopped by while enjoying the charm of the little stands of the local sales people. 

Uli and myself strolled around and admired the feeling of this place. Loved to see vegetables that weren't all perfect and of course the fact that you get to try all those delicious home made cookies, hummus's, doggy treats (Yes, Lotti! Of course Mama got you some), etc. etc. 

This Saturday there was also an Art's and Craft market connected to the "regular" farmer's market which gave us even more time to soak in the special atmosphere. If you are looking for a relaxing stroll, some fresh fruit/veggies, some great bread or a healthy lunch - you should definitely put this market on your to do list. Its nothing exceptionally special and I've been to many of those markets before, but it simply gives you the nice feeling for the weekend :)

This was the balcony of a fashion store. The fern, a view over the market and those red (very comfy) seats made this a perfect place for bringing a book. (Not sure if the owner would be ok with it :) )
Cheesy alert! :)

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