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Inspiration #4

I can't tell you precisely why I love this shot of a kitchen, but the simple combination of white (lots of white!) space, wood and green just make me happy. Definitely going into my "apartment inspiration" folder! Like it, or not so much?

THE best invention ever! A fairly new chain is opening its doors in more areas (still didn't hit Atlanta, but let's cross our fingers that it will). A "fast food chain" called Sweetgreen ( that lets you eat healthy and "real" food. WANT TO GO! WANT TO GO! (I am also still on the hunt for a shot of grass from jamba juice. Seems like there aren't too many around in this area :( )

Love the idea! Keeping the working space as clean and organized as it should be!

Maddie the Coonhound! My favorite blog lately!

Getting ready to look at some butterflies and turtles here in a little bit :) 

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