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Smoothie passion...

About a year ago I did one of those detoxifications. 7 days of fun! The funny story is that I bought detoxification tea simply because I liked the turquoise color of the Kusmi tea packaging. While I drank my new tea I simply googled around for some simple detox ideas. A week after that I was serious to have my very first "real" detox experience. It was a full success! I wasn't all that into coffee or Gummibären afterwards and found a new great drink. Still drinking it every now and then for breakfast. It includes: 
- 5 slugs 
- 2 Shreks 
- hand full of spinach 
- hand full of four-leaf sorrel
Add together with coconut water, ice and blend it! 
:) (Here is the real recipe, and yes, it sounds nasty at first, but it is very delicious)