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A week comes to an end...

Hello everyone!

The past week was very busy. Work, catching up with friends, LOTS of travel (Düsseldorf in one day, then a quick visit to Ludwigsburg/Metzingen to see my Dad and his new house), planning a trip to Prague and of course trying to stick with the work outs of P90X (I have to admit that I missed one day due to all that traveling - would be kind of weird to start jumping around the train - and only did the first 20 minutes of another program. Today we are back on track though!)

For that reason (upbeat week) we are going to enjoy a slower weekend full of sunshine, fruits, workouts and potentially the purchase of my new camera! (keep your fingers crossed that they have this model in stock in the local store!!) 
Have a lovely weekend! 
What are you up to?
xx Taty

A bee in heaven - this is how I will probably feel like when walking around the English Garden in Bamberg today. 

Going on the hunt of this nail polish color today! Seen on Cupcakes & Cashmere! 

People that have been to Bamberg know about the "Kettenbrücke". It is about 2 years ago that Lawrence and I moved here. Definitely a reason to "visit" our lock on the bridge again. 

As strawberry season is starting to slow down soon, we try to enjoy them as much as possible. Farmers Market - here we come!

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