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Travel fever

 It is official! I am definitely addicted to little trips again after touring the US for such a long time. And as it is summer time at the moment, you better take advantage of it, right? So here we are planning our next trip to Prague, which is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic. We hear that the architecture is very similar to Bamberg as a lot of the same architects build the same kind of buildings/bridges/domes in both cities. Nevertheless, we are keen to explore the different culture for a couple of days. Train is as good as booked (super cheap tickets are luckily available even though we are crossing country borders - 5 hour train ride included), a friend just gave us an address where we can get a city sightseeing tour for free and the hotel will hopefully be just as easy to organize (especially because it will be our first time traveling with our puppy :) ). 

Do you have any tips for restaurants, museums, bars or even hotels or little alleys which spread the "flair" of the city? 

Let us know :) 
xx Taty
Little Venice in Bamberg - Why do they call it that? (see below)

Italian spirit? We have it in Bamberg as well :) (incl. great italian restaurants)

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