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Bamberg - some insights and (non touristy) tips

Bamberg is a located in Upper Franconia in Bavaria (Germany) and its city hall including the tiny cobblestone streets leading to it belong to the UNESCO world heritage. Although I didn't even hear about until two years ago (and yes! I am German) it is such a lovely place. You can go everywhere by bike or walking, the food is hearty and you will see plenty of nice buildings, gardens and other attractions. 

Today (as the weather is super hot -  39°C/100°F ) I want to talk about the places that will give you the refreshment you need. Inside out, I promise!

There are a couple of options in Bamberg, the most popular ones are probably the "Hainbad" which allows you to swim in the river called "Regnitz" (beware of the nice and strong current. Workout included!). There are plenty more options to hop into the water, but be sure that you look out for the signs that warn you for the water dam as these aren't very nice to get into (no chance to swim away from it) 

Second option would be to go to the "tip" of the Hain or also called "Bug"
and to rent a paddleboat. From there you can paddle outward to a little camping sight. Don't forget to jump in the water every now and then to cool off!

Third option (which isn't as "cool" as the first two as you have it in every city) is the "Freibad"/Bambados in the eastern part of Bamberg. They have slides, a wave pool, beach volleyball courts and and and... If you don't have a bike I would recommend the bus as it is a pretty long walk from downtown Bamberg. 

Churches and Dom
We all know it! Churches are THE PLACE TO BE in the summer time. It is cool, relaxing and you can thank god for the nice weather :) My favorite church is the one right on "Grüner Markt" in the city center called "Sankt Martin". However, nothing can beat the big "Bamberger Dom" on top of the little "Katzenbuckel". Do not forget to walk to the opposite side though to enjoy the view over Bamberg from the "Rosengarten".

Schlenkerla and other breweries 
If you are coming to Bamberg and it is rather warm (and you forgot your bikini/swim-trunks AND you aren't all that religious) there is only one last chance how you can cool off. Bamberg is THE beer capital mostly known for its famous smoked "Rauchbier" from "Schlenkerla". However, even if you don't like that one, there are plenty of breweries to choose from in Bamberg itself (not to speak of those that are within a small radius). You have a total of eight breweries to choose from: Fässla, Greifenklau, Heller-Trum (Schlenkerla), Kaiserdom, Keesmann Bräu, Klosterbräu, Mahrs Bräu, Spezial, and one brewpub: Ambräusianum.

We are going to enjoy the first point of this post: Hainbad! Here we come!
And you - stay fresh :)

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