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I am in Bamberg! Germany!

I made it back to Germany yesterday at noon! Just wanted to check in tell you that I will be off for a little bit to enjoy time with my two most favorite "people" Lawrence and Lotti (see above), friends and to survive this incredibly hot weather! 39°C /100°F !! So nice! Blue sky, short dresses and cold beers (besides A LOT of water to stay hydrated!) 

See you soon! Oh and be prepared for some nice stories coming up! A lot of my friends are working on some contributions for this blog and a new cooperation with a very nice fashion brand is in the pipeline as well! 



  1. cutest pic ever! let me know if you want to follow each other. xo

  2. Hi Esther!
    Thank you! Sure! I am actually working on a couple of stories for this blog. Maybe you would want to join the fun?
    I'll write you via email.

    Have a lovely weekend!