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You drink coffee, I drink tea my dear!

I always enjoyed my daily coffee (or in the process of writing my Bachelor thesis that "one" cup of coffee often turned into 3-4: sweaty hands and exceptionally well functioning brain included). In the US I really made it a point to try all sorts of different brands and loved a trip to the famous coffee shop from Seattle every now and then :)

However, something must have happened on the flight back to Germany. No desire for coffee or sweets since I am back! I guess it is a very great way to start a detox again! We are on day 8 of P90X today (well, I played tennis instead of doing the chest and back program) and feeling great after a long day in the park with my babysitter kids. We biked for about an hour, had a picnic on the water, fed the ducks, rolled down a big hill (you know on the side :p ), jumped around on the trampoline etc. etc. 

Rounded the day off with a nice ice tea/coffee date with my friends, sun in our faces and italian food in our tummies! 

I will definitely keep you posted on how long my "non-desire" for coffee is going to last!
xx Taty

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