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Dear future I am ready: Kristin

Kristin - eager to start her new job abroad after soon three months of vacation!

Education: M.Sc. in Industrial engineering and management. Master programme within Management and Economics of Innovation. Independent courses in German.
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 25
Previous international experience: Six months internship in Germany
Hobbies: Training (anything really, depending on season), Friends & "Social Media Junkie"
Challenge: Finding a job abroad and moving there together with boyfriend (who is also in need for income :) ) in order to change up my life 
Result: It all worked out. Read on... 

The Job Hunt - Job Seeking Period

I graduated in the beginning of June and the time before this was filled with anxiety, job applications, interviews and tonnes of questions marks about what my life will offer me in the future. After thinking about where I want to work or who I want to be :) I think I became a bit wiser, but I am certain that I was able to make choices that feel 110% right for me now. When Taty asked me to tell my story on how to apply for jobs in another country I realised that I had some very diverse experiences, some of which I will share.

What is most important to me?

I come from an educational background with a classrooms full of high-achievers. A lot of my classmates end up getting those "amazing" jobs demanding a lot of their personal time (overtimes en masse etc.). This is something I know I am not willing to do as it lowers the quality of my life. I knew very early that a need a job where working overtime is not taking for granted. Of course it is something that you do when necessary and that you get rewarded for, but it shouldn't be the norm. Since my internship in Germany last year, I’ve been thinking that  a change in my life after living in Göteborg, Sweden for seven years was necessary. It’s not the easiest thing to just change when you are living with someone but after some discussions, my significant other and I were on the same page and I started applying  for jobs – both in Sweden and elsewhere – with the premises that I wanted a change and a sound work-life balance.

Finding a challenging job... abroad!

When applying for jobs in your own country it is easy to know which companies you are interested in and what jobs that fit your profile. Looking abroad it is harder and I often found myself applying for jobs I was overqualified for just to get the experience of being abroad. This haunted me a bit as I am also one of those high-achievers looking for the next challenge, and I knew that settling for a job without much of a challenge would make me feel miserable real fast. For example, I was on an onsite interview with a well known IT-company in Ireland. I only wanted that "less exciting" job for the opportunities it opened up a few years in the future. I believe that it is a good argument to take on a job that might lead to something in the future, but turning your whole life upsite down for it should be well thought through beforehand. And let’s be realistic, two years of your life are still two years. So it should be priority no.1 to  make something meaningful out of and to be sure to enjoy them!

Apply for positions that match your background and meet your goals well…

…otherwise be prepared with a difficult situation during the interview trying to explain why you want the position so badly! This is a lesson I certainly learned along the way! Do not apply for any sort of job! Try to find what you love!
When applying for jobs, and especially for positions requiring you to move, it is of importance to be able to motivate why you want not only the job but also why you want to live in that specific place. I had an interview for a job in Singapore where my background slightly matched the required. It was not only hard to illuminate getting a job in that field, since I had never been to Singapore or even Asia, it was also hard to explain why I wanted to move there! Do I have to say I did not get a second interview?!

The result

After all this soul/job searching I was finally able to get a job that will challenge me, guarantee good work-life balance and which enables me to live in a beautiful place abroad. Next week my boyfriend and I will move down to Germany again. This time Munich will have to get ready for me! In the beginning of September I will start my career as a consultant within IT and management! I know I am expected to work in German in a few months time, something that is both scary but also motivating. I also know that I will enjoy Munich life with cold winters and long warm summers and mix of hiking, beer gardens and skiing!

For everyone in a similar situation, I wish you the best of  luck!!

- Kristin 

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