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Dear Future I am Ready: Matt

Matt - The Bayern Munich fan at heart who wants to conquer Germany
(I felt like my first male contributor shouldn't have to deal with the pink color :))
Education: Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Clemson University Nationality: American Age: 23 Previous International Experience: One month living with a family in Straubing, Germany when I was 16, and studying abroad for one year at Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg, in Bamberg, Germany. Challenge: Figuring out what I want to do with my life and how to incorporate my dreams of living abroad into that. Result: It’s still an ongoing process. I think what everyone finds themselves drawn to changes as we get older, so I think that the result is a bit subjective. I do think that I’m on my way. Hobbies: Roller skating and video games
It all started in high school...
I’m Matt, 23 and American. One of my dreams has been to live in Germany. This all started when I did an exchange program in high school for a month. It taught me a lot about the world, instilled in me a love for all things German, and made me realize that the world was composed of a lot more than I had learned in my short shelter existence 
And I am back! Bamberg is calling!
Because of this experience, I decided to do a year abroad in Bamberg, Germany during my third year of study. This year was, without a doubt, the most exciting and memorable year of life so far. I believe that for me, it was not only an adventure, but also probably the time in my life where I have really learned the most about myself.
What's the plan now?
As far as what I want to do with my life, I’m honestly still not sure. I think for me, my dream of wanting to move, live and work in Germany really stems from a mixture of two things. One, you would probably call Wanderlust. Where I grew up, it’s early hard for the people here to get out, not just from the location but the small minded mentality and the ease of life here. I want to explore and broaden my knowledge and understanding of the world. The other part is a mix of my love of German culture and how at home I felt in Germany in the year I spent there.
Making my dream come true, one step at a time...
What I’m doing to make my goals become reality so far is I have gotten a job in the US working for a German firm, ZF. I think this is a great step towards what I want to do, as I have gained invaluable experience and really get a feel for the German way of ‘worklife’. Besides that I have a couple of other ideas that I’m throwing around in my head. I originally studied political science, and while I don’t like politics, I love debating and talking about the theories behind them. I have found a program at the Universität Bayreuth in Philosophy and Economics that I would absolutely love to get my Masters. Another idea I am really drawn too is to try to get a job teaching English as a second language somewhere in world. 
Thank you past for the lessons. Dear future I am ready...
For me, I think the biggest challenge is well, finding something that I like to do that also quenches my Wanderlust. I’m not sure what exactly the future holds for me, but I enjoy waking up knowing everyday that I can go out and have an adventure.
Note from Taty :) Thank you for showing my friend and me your university this past summer! I can only say that Germany would love to have you back! (oh and yes, that is me in the pictures: Halloween is coming up... :) )

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