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Dear Future I am Ready: Uli

Ulrike - a women that cherishes the little things and keeps looking at advancing herself
Education: High school and a tremendous amount of "real life" lessons learned
Nationality: German
Age: 23
Previous International Experience: Three years as an Au-Pair in the USA. Moved around with her family (host family which became her second real one) and made the American dream come true
Challenge: It was time to move on. To do something different. To think long term. But what to study and where? How to get over the great time that she had?
Result: Uli is back in Germany and although she is still seeing and experiencing the cultural differences she will now start her studies in American/British studies combined with Management classes. The next challenge is arising though :) Getting settles in a completely new city with a new objective and new goals
Hobbies: Basketball, Music and Dancing

Inevitable change
Well, hallo people out there. Isn't it incredible how life changes with the years and some changes are huge like different countries, some changes are small like trying a new drink at Starbucks and some tiny changes we don't even realize because our world/life became so hectic. I'm standing in front of a new chapter in my life, the chapter is called - going to university! Isn't it hard enough to let go of the past and the old habits, now I have to adjust to new things, new ways of life and the hardest part for me, to decide what do I want do for the rest of my life. Of course every new step in life brings you further and keeps you moving - and I guess that's what it is all about.

Let me introduce myself
By the way I'm Ulrike and 23 years young, after almost 3 years living in the United States I'm back in Germany and in October I start school at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz. Like I said, this big change coming back to my home country from the U.S. was tough for me or let's say it's still tough but it's getting easier day by day. I just miss the little things like going shopping on a Sunday, the friendly and open way random people smile at you, the good service of the Americans and of course I miss my three little kiddos I took care of, for so long.
Moving on, tackling the next challenge
Letting go of the past is important though. I mean you take all the great memories with you and some you will never forget but you need to make new memories and that is as important as looking back on amazing times you had. The scariest part in my life right now is to get settled in a new city, find new friends and accomplish great work in school. But now when I think about it, it's not that frightened anymore because I have done this before and I feel like "hell yea I can do this again!" One other aspect I'm telling myself, is that all the other freshman's in school must feel the same way, they are new and so am I.

Beginning of something new and uncertain
It's a new challenge and I've learned that new beginnings in life can be tough, really tough, so tough that you think about quitting but you got to fight through the hard times and I'll promise better times will come and at the end everything will pay off.
Plans, plans, plans
My plans for the future are to get my degree in American/British Studies plus Management, to enjoy my time as a student, to stay focused when my laziness is fighting against deadlines, to meet more great and inspiring people like Taty, to get an scholarship for a semester abroad, to laugh more, to appreciate more what I have, to help more other people, to realize the great little moments in life, to try my best whatever it is I do. We all are looking for happiness in life, for the one it's a lot of money or the nice things that come with money, for the other one it's to be around with family and friends but at the end it doesn't matter what it is for the other people, you got to find what makes you happy and live your life the way you want it to be!

Goodbye and Inspiration
Thank you guys for reading my little story - here my favorite quote that always helps me out:

Thank you Uli! Can't wait to enjoy another wine with you in the US! :) You go girl! And I am sure that we can expect a second entry from you on this blog :)

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