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Dear Future I am Ready (well. kind of. maybe): Eugenia

Education: Bachelor Degree in International Business and Management
Nationality: German & Russian
Age: 22
Previous international experience: Born in Uzbekistan, lived in Ukraine & Russia. Immigrated with family to Germany at the age of 11 & went to school there. Went to university in Holland & Denmark.
Hobbies: Languages, music, tennis, traveling
Challenge: Discovering what I want & like (in terms of job)
Result: An everlasting process

The real working life
In the 8th grade German schools start to prepare you for your future career, meaning: learning how to write motivational letters and CV’s (with so far basically two entrances: 1. primary school 2. high school) and short internships where you are supposed to gain an insight into the “real working life”. I did mine at the hairdresser. After the 3 weeks he gave me 50 € and said I’d better not become a hairdresser.

I will sacrifice my first son to the god of marketing
I’ve finished my A-Levels in some sort of a trade school with focus on business administration and languages (English), so it made sense for 18-year-old-me to start university in that field. International Business and Management, in the Netherlands, in English: seemed legit. 4 years, many hours of marking in expensive business books, 1 internship in product marketing, 1 semester in service management in Denmark, 1 bachelor thesis about online marketing, new friends, parties, all type of important mind-shaping experiences and theoretically a pretty big load of knowledge later, I am done: Bachelor of Business Administration & adult.
I have been waiting for that moment for a long time. Now that it is here it is much less spectacular than I expected it to be. I could have become a doctor, an architect, or a carpenter or a veterinary assistant (my brother’s dream of the perfect job for a woman), in one word, a job where you really learn something which you cannot unlearn.  Me, however, have a feeling that I was conducting personal development for the last 4 years. This is also pretty OK.  
I am not saying that all of it is bad. Marketing is pretty interesting. But I don’t remember telling anyone “Marketing is my passion, my grandfather and great grandfather were marketing experts and so will be my son!”

Can I internship as a princess somewhere … please?
During a 6-month internship in the product marketing department of some major German car manufacturer I had the chance to discover that it is simply not the industry I would like to work in. I realised that people working there have a real passion for cars. During lunch time, on the way home, before work and after work: they do talk about cars a lot. And it’s nice that they love what they do. The only thing is: I don’t. Therefore it is would be only logical for me to continue "internshipping" to find what I would love to talk about during my lunch breaks. 
But that is what we are all doing the internships for. To check it out. It was definitively worth the experience. It was challenging & gave me an insight into the professional business life.   
I am 22. The 20ies shape our future and it is the most important time of a person’s life. The decisions made during this period are just of incredible importance. They shape the whole life in some way. And it is really time to act in order to invest in the future. All I see in front of me is a big black hole with rotating question marks in it (imagine a gif here).

Think. Be rational. You are a university graduate. You have proof on paper that you are smart, educated, dedicated and motivated. In theory, my possibilities are endless. Here are some:
  • Go work in profession learned
  • Go work somewhere in order to earn money
  • Find an internship
  •  Continue studying, Master’s degree
  • Start a new study
  • Do a voluntary year (social, ecological, army)
  • Travel, see option 2
  •  Time-out for “finding oneself”, see option 2
  • Get pregnant, become a housewife, waste thousands of euros spend on higher education
  •  Dig for gold, literally

Should I get a new cat?
Is it possible that I will just end up doing nothing, alone, with two new cats? Sitting at home and slowly starting to enjoy afternoon reality TV about troubled families.
So, now with 22 and a business degree, I am still the same 10 year old girl who would answer “something with animals” when asked for what I would like to do in the future. I am pretty sure I am not the only one. In some way everybody has do go through that.

Brace yourself. Change is coming.
It is just that some big period in one’s life comes to an end and a new one is going is to start. The time between these two is frightening but, on the other hand, it’s cool because I am very curious what’s coming next. I am pretty positive.
For my part, I will move in together with a special someone. And because of this special someone I have also decided that Bonn, Germany’s former capital, is going to be the next station in my life. Interesting, how these special someone’s come into your life and take a big biiiig part of you and your life.

I am also enrolled for law studies now.

Because I can
…(and want).

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